Mayor Bill Graham is running for reelection for Mayor of Scottsburg. He spoke about some of his accomplishments while in office and his plans for the future. Mayor Graham tried to provide an overview of where the city has been 15-20 years ago to where it is today. He referenced what people didn’t see and the length of time it took for certain things to happen or achieve. He highlighted some of progress the city has made while he’s been in office. The road to the Y ws built, built a new fire and police station, built the first phase of the trail in 2002 and the second phase in 2015, built MASPark – offering IVY Tech Wielding Classes and other trade programs. IU-Southeast will be offering classes beginning in January 2016. SamTech moved to Scottsburg and is bringing 300 jobs to Scott County. Talked about TIF (Tax Increment Financing) – what is it and what is it used for. The Mayor spoke about the HIV/Drug problem afflicting our community. He spoke about adding more trails to the community. Mayor Graham spoke about the recent Park survey and the need to build a dog park, another splash pad, and add more playground equipment at existing parks. He spoke about attracting new jobs and having an educated workforce to help fill the voids and vacancies at various manufacturing firms. He took some questions about the utilities office and paying bill online creating paperless statements.


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