Terry Amick recently spoke at the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club dinner/meeting to discuss his campaign for mayor of Scottsburg. PIctured are from left to right, Bill Hoagland, Kiwanis member; Terry Amick and David Wilson, President. Terry was born and raised in Scottsburg and is a 71 graduate from Scottsburg High School. He played on the 68-69 undefeated basketball team under John Barlett. After graduation he attended the St Paul Bible College in Minnesota. While in Minnesota he worked as a GE factory technician ultimately starting his own business before moving back to Scottsburg. He drives a school bus and has been on the City Council for seven years.
Terry is running on the theme of “Greater Accountability and Transparency” for our city. He made it clear he has never campaigned before and respects Bill Graham, although they do not see eye to eye on some issues. He describes Scottsburg as Mayberry where we’re all friends. He sought counsel from the 2015 high school graduates asking them what they want to see here and how would we get them to come back to Scottsburg after college.

Terry outlined what he would like to accomplish if elected Mayor.
1. Clean the city up: He feels we’ve become too complacent with what we have and need to mobilize our work force to cut, trim, paint, wash, etc to make the city look better. He would enforce ordinances to bring everything up to snuff which would increase property values. He said we need to look nice to sell businesses on our town.
2. He expects the police forces to be very effective and be more aggressive in drug control.
3. He plans to invest heavily in the future. Our future is our kids. He wants to develop local things for them to do. He wants to invest in the kids and spend our money to benefit the greater number of our kids rather than the trail which benefits a smaller number of people. He wants a place for kids to be very active. He wants to empower our kids to be early leaders and engaged. He plans on filming every city council meeting and airing it for all to see.
4. He plans to encourage real estate development and believes industry will follow.

Terry then addressed questions and comments from the group:
1. He described Mid America Science Park (MASP) as our biggest albatross. The city spends $400K a year there and even more in TIF money for Economic Development. He noted he does not intend to close MASP, but has no plans to spend taxpayer money on it in the fashion it’s being supported.
2. He indicated he has not gone down the path to think about the Scott County
Partnership, what its role should be and how to support it. He has not addressed that issue yet.
3. Scottsburg Square: He noted putting a church in a retail area like the Square hurts development. He questioned how do we move businesses into the Square. We need incentives. The downtown area needs to be an eclectic area that’s a fun place to go. This is a problem to address.
4. He elaborated on his plan for our kids. Need to build a sports complex, a water event, and a sports event. The location is still to be determined. He would organize teams to help plan this. He wants a city that flows.
5. Discussed transportation issues preventing some kids from taking advantage of development programs. He wants to provide facilities that kids can ride their bikes to.
6. He explained that instead of spending TIF money on trails, he would spend them on sports complexes and things for the kids. It will cost a bunch. The sports complex would cost at least a million dollars. He wants to invest the TIF money for the kids, building amphitheaters, sports complexes, laser tag facilities, ice skating parks, cafes with music and locations for remote cars.
7. He is focused on creating a good first impression for visitors that creates pride in our city.
8. He would address the historic district by enforcing standards to preserve our history.
9. He is interested in finding a way to turn MASP into a Prosser type of a feeder facility. He does not want it to be tax supported, but something that can stand on its own feet.

The Kiwanis members thanked Terry for meeting with us and sharing his plans.


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