Stand With Us and Take the Pledge
This event is for everyone: youth, parents, business leaders, city and county-level officials. This is a great opportunity to learn about what’s being done to address substance abuse prevention in Scott County.

Join us for a FREE, motivating, and empowering evening as Scott County’s youth and young adults show their impact by serving as positive role models for their friends, school, and community.

Luke Renner and David Neidert of The Story Shop, the creators of the “What’s Your Side Effect?” positive social norms campaign, will be sharing how and why they came up with this idea.

By inspiring young people to think about their passions and the effect they are having on their community by pursuing those passions, we can redirect their focus and help promote a lifestyle that will reduce abuse risk factors.

Join us Monday, October 5, 2015, from 7-8:30 pm, Mid-America Science Park Presentation Hall, 821 S. Lake Rd. South, Scottsburg, IN.


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