Candi Graves, Marketing Manager for Goodwill Southern Indiana recently spoke at the Scottsburg Kiwanis Club dinner meeting at the Quality Inn in Scottsburg. Candi spoke of the various programs offered by Goodwill and talked some of the history in Southern Indiana. Pictured with Candy are from left to right, David Wilson, Kiwanis President and Dave Church, Kiwanis Member. Goodwill is a non-profit organization managed by a Board of Directors. They focus on providing services to people with disabilities so that they can gain independence. There are two job service programs. The Job Connection Center provides a free resource to help people find employment and successfully prepare for job interviews. There are two centers; one in Clarksville, IN and one in Madison, IN. The centers have assistive technologies to help those with disabilities who might be looking for employment. Goodwill provides a Vocational Services program in Clark Co. which is an intensive program to help people with disabilities find employment, and Goodwill’s case managers stay with the individual for 90 days to help them adjust to the job and intercede if there’s a problem. They provide site visits and a job coach. Candi said they have more success placing individuals in locally owned businesses. She talked about how they process donated items. If they’re in good shape, they go on the floor and are tagged with a colored tag. If the item doesn’t sell in six weeks a 50% off sale is held for all of that particular colored tag. If the item still doesn’t sell in a week, it goes to their recycling program. Clothing, metal, hard plastic, shoes, accessories, books, and electronics are some of the items recycled. Most donations in Scottsburg stay here. The Clarksville store has a warehouse and often seasonal items will be shipped there. Through the Book of My Own program children’s books are given back to the community. This year thirty thousand books have been given away in their nine counties meeting two of that programs goals: 1. Increasing literacy rates, and 2. Encouraging parent child interaction. Goodwill offers services to children. This started over 80 years ago when they helped open a hospital in Clarksville for children with polio. They have a pediatric therapy program in partnership with the Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital. Goodwill pays for the therapy services of those children. They host a preschool called The Children’s Learning Center for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Typically 42% – 48% of children enrolled in the program have disabilities. Goodwill ensures they get the therapy they need. They are one of the top ranked pre-schools in Southern Indiana. Goodwill served over 5,000 people last year. The Kiwanians appreciated the informative presentation and thanked Candi for the services Goodwill provides to the community.


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